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    Gear is made of high frequency induction heating equipment for quenching advantage

    In order to improve the?gear hardness,?wear resistance and service life,?we usually?use?high frequency induction heating equipment?for?quenching?of?gears.?Why?induction quenching?so popular?

    First of all,?we?should understand,?gear?is consumable,?so the increase in?hardness is?its core technology.

    The first step is to choose?the gear?material.?Selection of metal?hardness?large,?such as steel,?the metal?is very good.But the?copper and aluminum?this?at work?is easily deformed,so there is little?the material with?gear.

    The second step,?is to choose?the process.?In ancient times the?sword?should all be?seen,?are repeated?heating,?cleaning the bathroom,?and then?a good sword?becomes?very sharp.?But can now be?developed,?not so?old,?have special?quenchingmachine use.?This machine is called?high frequency furnace,some place called?high frequency machine.

    The third step?is to choose the appropriate?power.?Power?is too large,?is?a waste of resources,?power is very?small,?but also a waste of time.?But the use of?power?much,?is the?wise remark of an experienced person,?more?knowledgeable peopleteach?better.

    Today,?we will?simply say that?the?induction heatingequipment?for gear?induction hardening?have?what?advantage.

    1,?reduce the deformation of?workpiece,?maintain?stable size.

    2,?lower equipment cost,?processing?cost reduction?gear.

    3,?close to the?root fillet,?with an extremely high residualcompressive stress,?improves?bending fatigue strength of?gear teeth,?with?excellent?strength?gradient.

    4,?improve the?metallurgical?properties of parts,?and eliminates the?generation?in the process of heat treatment,such as oxidation,?decarburization.

    5,?compared?with?traditional?gear?quenching process,?the pitch circle?of larger?depth of?tooth,?hardness?and?high strength,?in the?Addendum?will not produce?overheat andbrittle.

    High frequency induction heating equipment?for induction hardening?has many advantages?for gear,?is more than?5 pointslisted above,?this?is the?best equipment?for heat treatment of?workpiece.

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