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    High frequency furnace suitable for computing method

    In fact,?each industry,?have a?bearing in mind thecalculation?in?engineer?heart,?these calculations are?a form of?them?engaged in?their?judgement,?this is?you at?the size of the workpiece,?and?give the?matching?frequencyfurnace?suitable?reason.

    Below we?list the?relevant calculation formula:

    Power =?high frequency induction heating?(heating temperature of?workpiece?material?heat?*?*?weight)?÷?(time *?heating?efficiency of *0.24)

    Power =?high frequency?quenching furnace?(depth of quenching?quenching area is?*0.68?*)

    The intermediate frequency melting?=?if?capacity?divided by 2

    The above?is the conversion,?the high frequency?furnace.However,?some artifacts?only?know the length and theheating radius,?can?know how much?the machine?can do,?this is?my former?engineer?mouth got the?answer:

    Bar:?(3.14*r*r*7.85* length)?÷ 1000000=?single

    The machine?power?÷?÷ 30KW single =?every heating root number

    Sheet?algorithm?length * width *?thickness of *0.00785=sheet?weight

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