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    Model WH-VI-60 high frequency furnace price $20000

    Model WH-VI-60?high frequency?furnace of Henan?superfront?equipment trade?limited production,?itsstructure configuration and?80?machines of comparable,?but its?appearance but?and 50 machinesbe quite different.?The device?has great potential,the need to develop?the?field of use?will be moreextensive.



    The device?is still?treated by?split?type,?its appearance and?the same?50KW?machine,?80KW machinewas?shorter?than that of.

    Compared with the?50KW machine,?he used the IGBTchip?80KW?to meet,?so the?power?of the device isavailable from?50-80?according to the user?control.This?is the?characteristics and advantages?of the machine.

    Its stable performance,?fast heating speed,?more suitable for?multi workpiece?using multiple?types ofheating?manufacturers.?The price is?very?reasonable.

    The device?has been tested?shaft?surface quenching,quenching?and?spline shaft?gear?ring?quenching?etc,the device?for?quenching can?perfect work.?The following?is the?equipment test:

    Model WH-VI-60?high frequency furnace?shaft?surface quenching:



    In the treatment of?the shaft surface?quenchingtemperature instantly,?up to 800 degrees,?and its mode of operation is?from top to bottom,?a?heating forming,?heating?speed is very fast.

    Model WH-VI-60?high frequency?quenching?furnacespline shaft:



    Gear?quenching?spline shaft,?can make its?wear-resisting degree?increased,?the service life is enhanced.

    Model WH-VI-60?high frequency furnace?gearperipheral?quenching:


    From the color?can be seen on the?matching?of?gearheating?of the device,?easy?it?need heating?part?dored,?but?no damage to?any other?site.?Effect is obvious.

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