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    The gear heat treatment much equipment

    Gear,?we?are not unfamiliar,?know that it is?an important part of the automobile,?motorcycle?and so on,?in the work process,?to bear?the enormous friction?gear,?therefore,?the need forquenching.?Gear?quenching?we usually?adopt the high frequencyinduction heating furnace.?This time,?someone?will ask?different specifications of the?gear?are?the?use of?high frequencyinduction heating furnace?much?heat treatment??This?don’t worry,listen to a small?slowly?said to you.


    The gear?heat treatment,?with?much of the?equipment?to tell the truth,?is affected by many factors?in the selection,?such as thediameter of the gear,?tooth height,?quenching?speed.?Choice ofcomprehensive?individual customer?gear?specifications andequipment,?we?summarized some?rules?(see table below).5NUZ5W1W5ZR5NNLOCASSLK

    Equipment type?selection of?gear?diameter





    Well,?look at?the?table,?I think your?work of the?heat treatmentof high frequency induction?heating furnace?much,?your heart?has a general,?however,?small make up?remind you?not blindly?to?thetable?as the standard,?this table?is only a?reference,?specificalso?according to the actual?the case may be,?such astransformer capacity,?you?on quenching?speed requirements?etc..43534534

    Gear?quenching?as?half shaft,?shaft and so on?so simple,?it?is affected by many factors.?Most of the gear?can select the overall?quenching treatment,?but?if your?gear teeth height?more than 30mm,?you need to select?a single?gear?quenching

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